In my journey to achieve a full self service site creation solution I don’t want that people can create any kind of site, group or Team. The creation of sites should be controlled!

I even think these are the first steps you have to think about and do if you start a new tenant if you don’t want getting a ‘landfill’.

Disable group creation

To disable the creation of groups (and Microsoft Teams) follow the steps on the following site:

Disable create site and sub site creation

Follow the steps in the site below to disable site and sub site creation:


  • Hide the Create site command
  • Hide the subsite menu command (Option)
Disable create news post

The news post link cannot be disabled at this moment.
But if you have no edit rights the following message is shown:
You must have Edit permissions to publish a news article. Please go to the site where you want to publish your article and request permission.


When all of these settings are made and you have some accounts that still have the right rights to add Communication or Modern Team sites, you can use the following url:


My journey to a self service site creation solution:

  1. Modern SharePoint – My journey to a self service solution
  2. Disabling any kind of site creation
  3. Templating, metadata and site creation (coming soon)

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