I love the modern expierence in SharePoint online. But why are we still having that lame old site template on the root site collection? Maybe the hubsites are the answer, I don’t know, but most companies want to have one point off entry and complaining why don’t we have those fancy functionalities on the root site?

You could try to create an empty Communication Site, save that one as template, delete the rootsite and create a new one with the Communication Site template. It works but it’s totaly unsuported, you lose all updates to communication sites on this rootsite¬†and no guarantee it keeps working.

Another nifty trick is as follows:

  1. Open your ‘Pages’ library;
  2. Go to the ‘Libary Settings’;
  3. Add the ‘Link to a document’ content type to the library;
  4. Create a ‘Link to a document’ item;
  5. Enter the url of an existing ‘Communication Site’;
  6. Give it a name;
  7. Save it;
  8. Try if it’s is working;
  9. And comes the trick: Set this ‘link document’ as homepage!

If you want to change anything on the rootsite you can use ‘/SitePages/Forms/AllPages.aspx’.

It’s still a trick, but a better one then deleting the root site I think.

The new ‘Create link’ type will not work. It’s creates an ‘.url’ file and the browser tries to download this file when you set it as homepage.


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